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Thread: My dream firearm

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    My dream firearm

    I absolutely love the AK47 Krinkov and I've finally decided I must have one. Anyone else have this gun that could give me a review and help push the deciding factor? Ive heard mixed reviews so far, but I can't get the gun out of my head :x any help would be appreciated!!

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    Re: My dream firearm

    Krinkovs are illegal in Washington state. You can have a AK pistol, but you can not have a rifle with a barrel shorter than 16" in Washington state. Other states it is legal with a federal tax stamp.
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    Re: My dream firearm

    If you really want one you'll have to permantly attach by pining and silver sodering a flashider long enough to make the barrel length at least 16" long.Might just as well by and AK 47 or AK74 the 74 would be cheaper to shoot as ammo is realy cheap.

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    Re: My dream firearm

    Haley Strategic Partners - The Jack Carbine AR-15. My cousin owns one and the fit and balance of this battle rifle is exqusite.

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    Re: My dream firearm

    I"m thinking of IWI's Tavor. That sucker is so compact and simple (as far as bullpups ar concerned) that I don't know how long I am going to be able to resist it. Although the $2000 price tag is a hangup for me...

    I guess i got to save a little more.

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