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Thread: 1888 Remington Derringer w/extras in display box

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    1888 Remington Derringer w/extras in display box 4,500

    This is a Beautiful 1888 remington Derringer factory engraved and in awesome condition!
    This includes the following

    (1) Display box

    This is a Beautiful Solid Walnut box with lock, Key and glass top

    (1) 1888 Deringer

    The Derringer is Nickel plated and factory engraved. It has real Mother of Pearl grips that are original. This gun is perfect except has a the slightest amount of surface pitting in both barrel. I had a gun smith tell me this was nothing for a gun like this and would have no problem shooting it. (see pics, I tried to show this) it is so small it's very hard to see

    (1) Full box of .41 short rim rounds.

    This is an original box date unknown of Navy Arms 50 ct .41 short rim cartridges

    (1) 1886 Morgan silver Dollar

    (1) set of 1891 Squared Poked cards Stencil Printed.

    I have the Deadmans Hand displayed and the rest of the pack

    (1) 1882 Waltham Double Hunter Solid 14k gold 17 Jeweled pocket watch 16S 89.6 grams

    This is a Really nice pocket watch and very collectable

    (1) 1885 Single Albert Gold Filled Fob Chain

    Attachment 160020180706_111435.jpg20180706_113239.jpg20180706_113259.jpg20180706_113310.jpg20180706_115604 (2).jpg
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